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VITRA frame system

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The new range of Vitra plates by Master brings style and sophistication to any room in the home or office. Thanks to an elegant and minimal design and natural materials such as glass, metal, wood, stone and leather , Vitra has a functional element of charm, giving life to a prestigious object.
The range consists of 17 different finishes in 5 different types of material: black and white glass, 6 shades of steel and aluminum, bamboo wood and bleached oak, slate stone and 3 different shades of granite, and 3 skins worked by hand. All the materials of the plates are framed by a chromed bottom and ring, which allow the perfect combination with the four variants of Master controls: Gray and white mode, Steel mode and glossy white Mix. Another variant is represented by the possibility of replacing the chromed ring with the rings in gray, white, Steel and glossy white to recreate the perfect match with the luminaires of the chosen civil series.
Entirely designed and produced in Italy , like all Master's civil series, Vitra plates represent the best essence of Made in Italy that comes from the meeting of our creativity with the extraordinary manufacturing ability perfected in 35 years of company history.
The new Vitra range offers the possibility to choose the ideal combination for the home, the office or the accommodation facilities, personalizing each environment and taking care of every detail.

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