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36050Detector with 12V 50/60Hz led, white
36051Detector Relè w.timer & twilight sensor
36051-125Detector Relè w.timer & twilight sensor
36052Static dimmer for res.load 500W w.switch
36052.2Static dimmer for res.load 500W w.switch
36056-125ERotary dimmer with switch,resistive load
36056-E resistive dimmer 500W w/switch, wh.
36058 Dimmer induc. load w/SPDT 300W
36058.2Dimmer f.ind.load w/SPDT push-push sw.2m
36058.2XDimmer f.ind.load,push-push switch wh.2m
36058XDimmer f.ind.load,push-push switch white
36059Dimmer resis.load w/SPDT 500W
36059.2Dimmer resis.load w/SPDT 500W 2Mod.
36082 one pole relay, 230V coil, 10 A
36084 Relay 2 circuit switch,4 seq. 230V
36420 electronic room chronothermostat
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