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31159A10-16A 2P socket+earth and safety
31159R10-16A 2P socket+earth and safety red
31159V10-16A 2P socket+earth and safety Green
31170A16A Schuko socket 2P+earth dev.
31170R16A Schuko socket 2P+earth dev.
31170V16A Schuko socket 2P+earth dev.
31175A2P+E 16A Schuko (central earth), Orange
31175R2P+E 16A Schuko (central earth), Red
31175V2P+E 16A Schuko (central earth), Green
31176A2P+E 16A Schuko socket Orange
31176R2P+E 16A Schuko socket Red
31176V2P+E 16A Schuko socket Green
31177R16A French socket 2P+earth w/saf.device
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