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36600Single cover white col.
36601Single cover with light, white col.
36602Cover for generic pushbutton, white col.
36603Cover for generic pushbutton w.light,wh.
36604Cover for door pushbutton, white col.
36605Cover for door pushbutton w.light, wh.
36606Cover for light pushbutton, white col.
36607Cover for light pushbutton w.light,wh.
36608Cover for bell pushbutton, white col.
36609Cover for bell pushbutton w.light,white
36610Cover for bipolar switch, white col.
36611Cover for bipolar switch w.light, white
36612Cover w.symbol for resistance w.light,w.
36614Cover w.symbol for water-heater, white
36615Cover with symbol for ventilator, white
36616Cover with symbol for resistance, white
36618Cover for light switch with bell white
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