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AS21000One pole switch 16AX 250V
AS21001Generic pushbutton 1P NO 4A 250V~
AS21002Bipolar switch 16AX 250V
AS21003Two way switch 16AX 250V
AS21004Reversing switch 16AX 250V
AS21005Generic pushbutton 16A 250V
AS210101P 2 gangs switch, 16AX
AS210111P switch+ 2 way switch, 16AX
AS210131P 2 gangs 2 way switch, 16AX
AS210163 gangs switch 1P. 16AX
AS2103016A pushbuttton with 2,25 m. cord
AS21031NORMALLY CLOSED1 6A pushbutton with cord
AS21036Two circuit switch 1P 10AX (3 contacts)
AS21038Two interlocked pushbuttons 1P NO 10A
AS21040Pushbutton name holder, 2 mod.
AS21052Static dimmer for res.load 100+500W/230V
AS21056-125EStatic dimmer res.load 300W/127V-Ac
AS21058Dimmer for inductive load w/SPDT 300W
AS21058XDimmer f.inductive load w/SPDT 300W +Fan
AS21059Dimmer resis.load w/SPDT 500W
AS2106016AX 250V multi-purpose device
AS21072Pushbutton 16A 250V with Bell symbol
AS21090Pack of 3 MIX blank modules
AS210953 False blind poles with output
AS2115910-16A two pole socket+earth and safety
AS2116210A 2pole socket+earth and safety
AS2117016A Schuko socket 2P+earth dev.
AS211762P+E 16A Schuko socket (side earth)
AS2118615A 2P american socket + central earth
AS21186.216A 2P american socket + central earth
AS2118816A 250V 2P+E euro-american socket
AS21213.2Double USB power supply, 5V 4A 100/240V~
AS21214USB power supply, 5V 2.1A 100/240V~
AS21215RJ12 telephone socket, 1 plug 6/4
AS21218RJ45 telephone socket, 1 plug 8/8
AS21220RJ45 not screened data socket
AS21254Ø 9,5 mm. coax TV socket outlet
AS21255Ø 9.5 mm coax TV socket outlet
AS21266Connector w/female attach.IEC for sat TV
AS21270-DCoaxial IEC M socket, final, 5-2400Mhz
AS21277-7Coaxial IEC M+F socket, through-line dB7
AS21277-DCoaxial IEC M+F direct socket
AS2135012V bell
AS21351230V bell
AS21354127V 8VA buzzer
AS2135512V 5VA buzzer
AS21356230V 8VA buzzer
AS213801 module red pilot light 230V~
AS21380-1251 module red pilot light 127V
AS21381-1251 module green pilot light 127V
AS21382-1251 module white pilot light 127V
AS21462230V emergency lamp, white cololur
AS214661 module 230V continuity indicator
AS472-21060.2IP20 small box + all-in-one device 16AX
AS472-21170IP20 small box with P40 universal socket
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