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AS3600016AX 250V One pole switch, white col.
AS36002Bipolar switch 16AX 250V White
AS3600316AX 250V 2 way switch, white col.
AS3600416AX 250V reversing switch White
AS3600516A generic pushbutton, white col.
AS3603016A pushbutton with 2,25 m.cord White
AS36038Two interlocked pushbuttons 1P NO 10A
AS36058XDimmer f.ind.load,push-push switch white
AS36059Dimmer resis.load w/SPDT 500W
AS36090Pack of 3 False blind pole, White col.
AS3615910-16A 2P socket+earth and safety, white
AS3617016A Schuko socket 2P+earth dev.
AS3618615A 2P+E 127V American socket, white
AS36186.216A 2P+E double american socket
AS36213.2Double USB power supply, 5V 4A 100/240V~
AS36214USB power supply, 5V 2.1A 100/240V~
AS36215Telephone socket, 1 plug 6/4 White col.
AS36218RJ45 socket, cat.5e UTP 8/8, white
AS36220RJ45 socket, cat.6 UTP 8/8, white
AS36266SAT Connector with female attachment IEC
AS36270-7Wide band outlet TV/DTT/SAT inst.white
AS36270-DWide band outlet TV/DTT/SAT inst.white
AS36350 12V bell, white col.
AS36351 230V bell, white col.
AS36355 12V 5VA buzzer, white col.
AS36356 230V 8VA buzzer, white col.
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