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AS33000One pole switch 16AX 250V complete
AS33002Bipolar switch 16AX 250V complete
AS33003Two way switch 16AX 250V complete
AS3300416AX 250V reversing switch complete
AS3300516A generic pushbutton complete,
AS3303016A pushbutton with 2,25 m.cord
AS33038Two interlocked pushbuttons 1P NO 10A
AS33040Pushbutton name holder, 2 mod.
AS33052Static dimmer for res.load 100+500W/230V
AS33090False blind pole grey col.
AS3315910-16A 2P socket+earth and safety
AS3317016A Schuko socket 2P+earth dev.
AS3318616A+ central earth american socket, grey
AS33186.216A 2P+E double american socket
AS33186-L15A 2P american socket Lateral Earth
AS3318816A 250V 2P+E horizontal american socket
AS33213.2Double USB power supply, 5V 4A 100/240V~
AS33214USB power supply, 5V 2.1A 100/240V~
AS33215Telephone socket, 1 plug 6/4 grey col.
AS33218RJ45 telephone socket, plug 8/8 grey
AS33220RJ45 not screened telephone socket
AS33254Diam.9,5 mm.TV socket end grey col.
AS33255Diam.9,5 mm. TV socket outlet grey col.
AS33266SAT Connector with female attachment IEC
AS33270-7Wide band outlet TV/DTT/SAT inst.grey
AS33270-DWide band outlet TV/DTT/SAT inst.Steel
AS33277-DWide band TV/DTT/SATins.male and
AS33350STEEL 12V 5A bell
AS33351STEEL 230V bell
AS33355STEEL 12V 5VA buzzer
AS33356STEEL 230V 8VA buzzer
AS33932STEEL Cover Ring 2 mod.
AS33933STEEL Cover ring 3 mod.
AS33934STEEL Cover Ring 4 mod.
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