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33000One pole switch 16AX 250V complete
33001Generic pushbutton 1P NO 4A 250V~
33002Bipolar switch 16AX 250V complete
33003Two way switch 16AX 250V complete
3300416AX 250V reversing switch complete
3300516A generic pushbutton complete,
33005-8STEEL 16A pushbutton with bell symbol
33010One pole switch 16AX 250V complete
33013Two way switch 16AX 250V complete
3301516A generic pushbutton complete
33018STEEL 2 way double-pole switch, 16AX
3302116A double pushbutton 1P NO/NC+1P NO
3302216A double pushbutton 1P NO/NC+1P NO/NC
33025STEEL 1P NC generic pushbutton 16A
3303016A pushbutton with 2,25 m.cord
33036Two-circuit switch 1p (3 contacts)
33037Two-circuit switch 2p (6 contacts)
33038Two interlocked pushbuttons 1P NO 10A
33060STEEL Multifunction device 16AX
33063STEEL 3Mod key card switch w/support 16A
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