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00590TV adaptor F/F d.9,5mm
00590-FTV screened plug 75 ohm d.9,5mm
00591TV PLUG 75 ohm D. 13 mm.
00592TV male plug with 2 female socket Ø9.5mm
00592-FTV female plug with 2 male socket Ø9.5mm
00593TV square plug 75 ohm d.9,5mm
00593-FTV square socket 75 ohm d.9,5mm
00594-FTV square plug 75 ohm d.9,5mm
00595TV SOCKET 75 ohm D. 9.5 mm.
00595-FTV screened socket 75 ohm d.9,5mm
00596-5Type F connector, male, for 5 mm cable
00596-7Type F connector, male, for 7 mm cable
00596-FTV square socket 75 ohm d.9,5mm
30090Plastic connector male long extreme band
30095Cap&Push male connector w/quickclutch
30100Cap female/female connector
30120HDMI F-F Keystone Connector Black/White
30120-BHDMI F-F Keystone Connector White 100mm
30120-NHDMI F-F Keystone Connector Black 100mm
30152DSP Shunted f.sock.type hybrid, TV+SAT
30161DMP Terrestrial satel. demixer end type
30162DMT with outlet f.terr.signal(reduc.5dB)
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