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M21000O 1P 16AX switch with plate
M21000-LO 1P 16AX switch w/light
M21002O 2P 16AX switch
M21002-LO 2P 16AX switch w/light
M21003O 1P 16AX two-way switch
M21003-LO 16AX two-way switch w/light
M21004O 16AX reversing switch
M21004-LO 16AX reversing switch w/light
M21005O 16A NO pushbutton
M21005-LO 16A NO pushbutton w/light
M21016O 3 gangs 16AX 1P switches
M21021O 2x 16AX 1P switches
M21021-LO 2x 16AX 1P switches w/light
M21023O 2x 16AX two-way switches
M21023-LO 2x 16AX two-way switches w/light
M21026O 2x 10AX two-circuit 1P switches
M21030O 16A pushbuttton with 2,25 m. cord
M21052O 500W dimmer for resistive load
M21058O 500W dimmer for inductive load
M21059O 500W dimmer for resistive load
M21060O 16AX multi-device
M21062O key card switch 16A
M21070O 16A NO pushbutton with Key symbol
M21071O 16A NO pushbutton w. Light symbol
M21072O 16A NO pushbutton with Bell symbol
M21095O blank pole
M2117016A Schuko socket 2P+earth dev.
M211742P+E Schuko socket w.transparend door
M211752P+E 16A UNEL socket (central earth)
M211762P+E 16A Schuko socket MIXMO white
M21176.22P+E 16A Double Schuko socket, white
M21177O 2P+E 16A french strandard socket
M21192O 2P 16A UNEL socket
M21192.2O Double 2P 16A UNEL socket
M21215O RJ11 6P4C telephone socket
M21215-18O 1x RJ12 + 1x RJ45 Cat.5e sockets
M21215.2O 2x RJ11 6P4C telephone socket
M21218O RJ45 8P8C cat.5e data socket
M21218-TO RJ keystone adaptor
M21220RJ45 not screened Cat.6 UTP
M21221RJ45 Cat.6 shielded data socket
M21254O 9,5 mm. TV socket outlet, direct
M21254-66O 9,5 mm. TV socket outlet, direct
M21255O 9,5 mm. TV outlet, through-line
M21265O IEC 169-2 male connector for terr
M21266O SAT socket connector (IEC female)
M21380O Indicateur lumineuse Rouge
M21381O Indicateur lumineuse Green
M21382O Indicateur lumineuse White
M21462O 230V 120' emergency light, LIB
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