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21000One pole switch 16AX 250V
21000-5One pole switch 16AX 250V with blue LED
21001Generic pushbutton 1P NO 4A 250V~
21002Bipolar switch 16AX 250V
21002-LBipolar switch 16AX 250V enlightable
21003Two way switch 16AX 250V
21004Reversing switch 16AX 250V
21005Generic pushbutton 16A 250V
21005-7-5Pushbutton Light 16A 250V with LED
210101P 2 gangs switch, 16AX
210111P switch+ 2 way switch, 16AX
210131P 2 gangs 2 way switch, 16AX
21015Generic pushbutton 16A 250V enlightable
210182 way double-pole switch, 16AX
2102116A double pushbutton 1P NO/NC+1P NO
2102216A double pushbutton 1P NO/NC+1P NO/NC
2102516A generic pushbutton contact 1NC
2103016A pushbuttton with 2,25 m. cord
2103116A pushbuttton NC with 2,25m. cord
2103216A pushbuttton with 2,25 m. cord
21036Two circuit switch 1P 10AX (3 contacts)
21037Two circuit switch 2P 10AX (6 contacts)
21038Two interlocked pushbuttons 1P NO 10A
21039Two interlocked pushbuttons 2P NO 10A
2106016AX 250V multi-purpose device
210633Mod key card switch w/support 16A
21070Pushbutton 16A 250V with Key symbol
21071pushbutton 16A 250V with Light symbol
21072pushbutton 16A 250V with Bell symbol
21073pushbutton 16A 250V w.Ventolator symbol
210752P switch 16AX 250V w. resistance symbol
210762P switch 16AX 250V w.water-heater symb.
210772P switch 16AX 250V w. ventolator symbol
21102Two poles switch 20A 250V
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