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21000.2One pole switch 16AX 250V 2 mod.
21002.22P switch 16AX 250V 2 mod.
21003.22 way switch 16AX 250V 2 mod.
21004.2Reversing switch 16AX 250V 2 mod.
21005.2Generic pushbutton 16A 250V 2 mod.
210163 gangs switch 1P. 16AX
210173 gangs 2 way switch 1P. 16AX
21025.216A generic pushbutton contact 1NC 2mod
21030.216A pushbutton with 2,25 m. cord 2 mod.
21040Pushbutton name holder, 2 mod.
21060.216AX 250V multi-purpose device 2 mod.
21070.216A 250V NO Pushbutton with Key symbol
21071.216A 250V NO Pushbutton with Light symbol
21072.216A 250V Pushbutton with Bell symbol
21102.2Two poles switch 20A 250V 2 modules
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