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70001Euroslot accessory for 72/73000 multisoc
703601 Universal Schuko+2 Biv. Multisockets
704304 universal Schuko Multisockets w.switch
704504 Italian outlets with security
704704 Italian outlets with security Overload
706306 universal Schuko Multisockets w.switch
706506 Italian outlets with security
706602Universal Schuko+4Biv.Multisockets w/Sw
706706 Italian outlets with security Overload
709603Universal Schuko+6Biv.Multisockets w/Sw
714504 Italian outlets with 1.2mt cable
716506 Italian outlets with 1.2mt cable
72000Multisockets +2 USB w.switch Mt.1,2
723903 out Multisockets w.switch Mt.1,2
724404 universal Schuko Multisockets w.Over
724904 out Multisockets w.switch Mt.1,2
725905 out Multisockets w.switch Mt.1,2
726606 universal Schuko Multisockets w.Overl
726906 out Multisockets w.switch Mt.1,2
727907 out Multisockets w.switch Mt.1,2
733903 outlets Multisockets w.switch
734904 outlets Multisockets w.switch
735905 outlets Multisockets w.switch
736906 outlets Multisockets w.switch
743903 outlets Schuko multisockets Black
744904 outlets Schuko multisockets Black
745905 outlets Schuko multisockets Black
746906 outlets Schuko multisockets Black
ELECTRICITY > Multiple sockets
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