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21AU102Cover with support MIX, 2 holes
C92002 horizontal One pole switch 16A 250V
C9200-B2 horizontal One pole switch 16A 250V Wh
C92012x two-way switches 16AX 250V
C9210Horiz. switch+2 poles switch 16AX 250V
C92522 horizontal Euroamerican sockets10A250V
C92520Constrya horiz. switch+ Euroam.Socket10A
C9252-B2 horizontal Euroamerican sockets10A250V
C9259Horizontal 2 poles+earth socket16A 250V
C92622Horizontal sockets 2 p+earth and safet
C92642P+earth HorizontalAmerican socket250V
C9264-B2P+earth HorizontalAmerican socket250V
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