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21AU101Cover with support MIX, 1 hole
C9000Support+Horizontal blind front
C9000BSupport+Horizontal blind front white
C910016AX 250V One pole switch, horizontal
C9100-B16AX 250V One pole switch, horizontal
C9100V16A 250V One pole switch, vertical
C910116AX 250V Two pole switch
C9101-B16AX 250V Two pole switch
C9101V16AX 250V two pole switch, vertical
C9101V-B16AX 250V two pole switch, vertical
C910216 A 250V horizontal pushbutton
C9102V16AX 250V Generic pushbutton, Vertical
C910316AX 250V Reversing switch
C9103-B16AX 250V Reversing switch
C9103V-B16AX 250V Reversing switch
C910416AX 250V Bipolar switch
C9104-B16AX 250V Bipolar switch White
C9122Horizontal pushbutton Bell 16A 250V
C9122-BHorizontal pushbutton Bell 16A 250V
C9122VVertical Bell pushbutton 16A 250 V
C9122V-B pushbutton Bell 16A 250V
C9152Horizontal Euroamerican socket 10A 250V
C9152-BHorizontal Euroamerican socket 10A 250V
C9154Horizontal TV socket
C9156Horizontal dimmer w/switch 1000W 250V
C9156-BHorizontal dimmer w/switch 1000W 250V Wh
C9156VDimmer with switch 500W 250V Vertical
C9159Horizontal UNEL socket 2P+earth 16A 250V
C9161Horizontal Socket 2P 10A 250V
C9162Horizontal Socket 2P+earth 10A 250V
C9164Horizontal Amer.socket 2P+earth 15A 127V
C9164-BHorizontal Amer.socket 2P+earth 15A 127V
C9166-BHorizontal TV socket White
C9195Orizontal Phone socket plug 6/4
C9195-BOrizontal Phone socket plug 6/4 White
C9196Orizontal Phone socket RJ45 8-8 Cat.5E
C9196-BOrizontal Phone socket RJ45 8-8 Cat.5E W
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