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BS21095False blind pole with output
BS21215BT Master telephone socket
BS21215-IBS Tel. socket- master 1 Plug 6-4
BS21216BT Secondary telephone socket
BS21218RJ45 telephone socket, 1 plug 8/8
BS21220RJ45 not screened data socket
BS21220-IRJ45 not screened data socket no Cover
BS21254BS diam.9,5 mm. TV socket end
BS21255diam.9,5 mm. TV socket outlet
BS21266Connector w/female attach.IEC for sat
BS21266-IConnector w/female attach.IEC for sat no
BS21351230V bell
BS214622mod.230V emergency light,LIB,white col.
BS21466Continuity indicator 230V
BS21555BS 13A fuseholder 6.3x25.4 mm
BS21555-00213A Fuseholder +Bipolar switch 16AX 250V
BS21555-002-I13A Fuseholder +Bipolar switch 16AX 250V
BS21555-I0A fuseholder 6.3x25.4 mm
BS21560BS 25A Flex Outlet
BS21562BS 45A Flex Outlet
BS21565BS 10A Fuseholder with 25A Flex Outlet
BS2156610A Fuseholder w/ Red Pilot Light
BS24095Blind pole with output Matt Brass
BS24215BT Master telephone socket Matt Brass
BS24216BT Secondary telephone socket Matt Brass
BS24218RJ45 telephone socket, 1 plug 8/8 Matt b
BS24255diam.9,5 mm. TV socket outlet Matt Brass
BS24266Connector w/female attach.IEC for sat
BS24351230V bell Matt brass
BS244622mod.230V emergency light Matt Brass
BS26095Blind pole with output, Aluminium
BS26215BT Master telephone socket Aluminium
BS26216BT Secondary telephone socket Aluminium
BS26218RJ45 telephone socket, 1 plug 8/8
BS26220RJ45 not screened telephone socket
BS26255diam.9,5 mm. TV socket outlet Aluminium
BS26266Connector w/female attach.IEC for sat
BS26351230V bell Aluminium
BS264622mod.230V emergency light Aluminium
BS26466Continuity indicator 230V Aluminium
BS27095Blind pole with output, Bronze
BS27215BT Master telephone socket Bronze
BS27216BT Secondary telephone socket Bronz
BS27218RJ45 telephone socket, 1 plug 8/8 Bronze
BS27220RJ45 not screened telephone socket Bronz
BS27255diam.9,5 mm. TV socket outlet Bronze
BS27266Connector w/female attach.IEC for sat Br
BS27351230V Bell Bronze
BS274622mod.230V emergency light Bronze
BS27466Continuity indicator 230V Bronze
BS27555-00210A Fuseholder +Bipolar switch 16AX 250V
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