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00415-CSpare cover for Italian telephone box
00430Flush box cover, 110x80mm with screws
00430-4Cover flush box 4mod. with screws
00430-7Cover flush box 7mod. with screws
00431Flush box cover, 92x92 mm with screws
00432Flush box cover, 119x96 mm with screws
00433Flush box cover, 153x98 mm with screws
00434Flush box cover, 161x130 mm with screws
00435Flush box cover, 198x153 mm with screws
00437Flush box cover 296x153 mm with screws
00438Flush box cover 392x152 mm with screws
00439Flush box cover 480x160 mm with screws
00439-10Flush box cover 516x200 mm with screws
PM00412100pcs. Mortar Guard for 3 Modules boxes
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